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Greenlife Save & Protect


Shree Khodiyar Agro Products, initially was the company founded by Mrs. Gayatri Parikh with a vision to sell agro products to our father of the nation: OUR FARMERS. The vision to start this company was to give excellent quality nature based agro products which are not harmful to the human body.

Moving forward with dynamic robust business Mrs. Gayatri Parikh re-named the company as Green Life Save and Protect Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to expand its products in various categories like agro, food etc. Green Life will be committed to serve best products among all available in market with most competitive prices.

The world is slowly realizing their way towards organic manures and bio fertilizers and bidding adieu to the chemically prepared pesticides and fertilizers that seem to be having adverse effects on the crop, animals and then on human beings, thanks to bio magnification.

Organic! The word used by all but followed by almost none! Or when we ask farmers about how organic their products are, they get tangled in their own thoughts and can’t give logical answers!

Organic farming in India faces alarming situations and significant disincentives because majorly the government favors industrial agriculture to boost exports. Besides, due to the lack of education amidst Indian farmers regarding various ways of farming or benefits of organic farming, the organic agriculture suffers a lot. Farmers are aware of the importance of organic farming as sustainable agriculture.

They follow the ancestral way of farming on the same land without searching for ways to improve it. Green Revolution in India is well entrenched, despite the widely acknowledged fact of social and environmental damage!

Due to the adverse condition of the farmers and lack of knowledge they resort to conventional farming methods using pesticides and chemical fertilizers in order to grow more products without realizing that they are making the land infertile.

According to the research, Green revolution has actually helped the farmers at some places to double the crop production.

The Governmental figures suggest that approximately 5 tonnes of organic manure is used in agricultural practices, which is set to increase manifolds as the years unroll. Apart from this, the recent use of bio fertilizers has tumbled and reached a whopping 10,000 tonnes. These are the figures that have increased over time and are predicted to increase even more as the world realizes its major realization on organic manures and bio fertilizers. Organic nutrition for the crop in agriculture has been touted as a healthy practice and 10 times safer than the ones produced chemically.

Greenlife Save And Protect Pvt. Ltd. has realized this potential and is equipped in all sorts to tap into this growth and provide organically produced manures and bio fertilizers that will change the face of agricultural practices.

Greenlife Save And Protect Pvt. Ltd. ardently focuses on contributing to the Indian economy by doubling the growth of products by 2025 and thereby improvising on the conditions of the farmers.