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Greenlife Food & Beverages

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Spices have been a legacy for Indians and we take our spices as seriously as we take food. Or cricket. We Indians can’t imagine a meal without spicy and typically ‘masaaledaar’ food that is a characteristic of our heritage. There is just SOMETHING about the aroma of fresh spices that permeates the whole house and it smells like a garden of spices.

To celebrate this golden heritage, Greenlife Food And Beverages, under the banner ‘Aanshi’, had its very own range of natural spices more than a powerful decade ago, in an industry where purity is the epitome of trust and belief. Spices are something no Indian house is equipped without, and so, catering to such an essential need becomes a serious matter. Devoid of any additional colours or additives, our powdered spices are a 100% untainted and natural. Ground to perfection after picking the choicest of ingredients, Aanshi spices (Masala) will elevate the flavour profile of your food to a whole new level; of course, the natural way.

Not just spices, Aanshi has been thriving in the market with their pulses, beans, dal, pickles, indian snakes, ketchups, various fruit and vegetable sharbat (Asian Drinks) and bevrages packaged under extreme hygienic conditions. There is no other person that would cook the good ‘ol ‘dal’, the way Indian mothers do and we respect this on its entirety. Our vast range of chemical free pulses guarantee maximum flavour, the healthier way.

To keep up with the demand of the present and the future generations, Aanshi had come out with its tomato ketchup, too. Now what’s different in the terms of your regular ketchup and Aanshi tomato ketchup is the quality of the luscious tomatoes used. Greenlife Food And Beverages grows tomatoes natural way and does not spray insecticides to keep the bugs away or use chemicals to ripen the tomatoes faster; which changes the whole flavour profile of these tomatoes and hence, the ketchup.

Add a little spice to your life… the natural way!