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Shree Khodiyar Agro Products initially was the company founded by Mrs.Gayathree Parikh with a vision to sell agro products to our father of the nation: OUR FARMERS. The vision to start this company was to give excellent quality nature based agro products which are not harmful to the human body.

Moving forward with dynamic robust business Mrs.Gayathree Parikh re-named the company as GreenLife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd with a vision to expand its products in various categories like agro, food, etc. Greenlife will be committed to serving the best products among all available in the market with the most competitive prices.

The world is slowly realizing their way towards organic manures and biofertilizers and bidding adieu to the chemically prepared pesticides and fertilizers that seem to be having adverse effects on the crop, animals and then on human beings, thanks to biomagnification.


To improve the effectiveness of fertiliser use on farm with longstanding
commitment to fertiliser research and development. And, to become a 500 crore
Company by acheiving 3000 Distributors across India by 2030.


To create our strong foot print towards better, happier and healthier eco system.
Creating continuous value for our customers and consumers, inspiring confidence
and respect through the highest levels of product quality and service.


We are sincere, truthful and trustworthy in all our transactions and interactions. We honor our commitments to our farmer friends and to each individual customers.

Together, we provide a range of products for upgrading essential plant nutrients. We allow only the environmentally sound practice to turn raw materials into a new product.

We continually strive to improve environmental performance by reducing waste and increasing process efficiency. Our passion is to protect the health and safety of farmers by providing best products in the industry.

We try to be most effective in integrating sustainability of our values and strategies. Our team try to be innovative in finding solutions to the challenges, rather then increasing the wealth of our company.



Greenlife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd has a team of professional, trained sales and technical support staff to look after our customer’s needs and provide advice and recommendations across our full range of products and services.

Farmers and our numerous customers rely on our teams at Greenlife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd because of the great service and excellent product quality we have provided for years. Our teams focus remains on our farmer customers and how to improve the value we offer them each day


Our highly experienced and fully trained team of Customer Service Representatives are here to help. Being friendly, approachable and knowledgeable means that order inquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


With both national and regional smooth order process will enable you to keep track of your purchase. Our experienced logistics team working closely will make sure for a smooth timely delivery.


We are proud of the excellent relationships that we have with our current customers giving them the best quality packaging/product. Our team ensures that we deliver excellent quality product to our customers striving to bring the best service possible.

who we are

A vision is well executed only when the team is competent enough to make things work. Bringing our founder’s idea and philosophy to realisation has been plausible only because of the synergy between the personnel. We strongly believe in team playing and working together to provide the most unadulterated products to our esteemed customers.

GAYATHREE PARIKH- Founder Greenlife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd

The core founder of Greenlife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd, Mrs. Gayathree Parikh has put in her blood and sweat to make the company stand tall on values of serving the society and being a passionate producer, integrating it with generating profit to sustain employment for hundreds of people. Her passion keeps the environment lively and inspirational.


Advocating the product and increasing the per annum sale is one of the greatest defining points for a company; and at Greenlife, we take our sales targets seriously, that has made us stand out in the business; thanks to our experienced sales heads that impart the teeniest of their knowledge to our sales teams.


At Greenlife Save & Protect Pvt Ltd, we believe in the power of dividing and conquering. The managerial and administrative team of personnel at Greenlife is well trained in the niche of handling the smallest and biggest of the executive matters, holding expertise in impromptu decision-making.


We understand that customer dealing is as important as selling the product. We assist you in all matters related to the product and its implementation at our office desk. So you are not only buying a product from greenlife, you are bringing trust to your own self.


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